Individual Therapy

1 to 1 to explore what you are struggling with and understand behaviours & feelings.Together we will design the therapeutic journey that is best suited for you. My role is to work with you to identify the most helpful shifts in thinking or behaviour and support you in the process of making changes. We may agree simple tasks or thinking to be done between sessions.


12 weekly sessions for focussed outcomes


12 to 24/40 weekly sessions providing space for more exploratory work


Longer term weekly in-depth sessions working without a specific time frame 

Therapeutic Models

During the assessment process I like to identify and agree which approach or combination of approaches are best suited to you as an individual.

  • Transactional Analysis
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Dialectic Behaviour therapy
  • Solution focused
  • Person Centred
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming.


I believe that supervision is not done by the supervisor, but rather jointly by the supervisor and supervisee together. By attending to the work with clients in a spirit of open inquiry both the supervisor and the supervisee should be learning, and through them so should the profession”

Hawkins, 2008

Supervision provides a safe and supportive space for practitioners to reflect on their practice. I see supervision as a co-operative and facilitating process which enables the supervisee to feel supported in their work and to develop and grow professionally. I have completed further training in supervision with Metanoia in London and experience of supervising a range of professionals in the mental health field.

What to expect:

Supported newly qualified therapists to grow their practices and develop their clinical skills.

Experienced in supervising in therapists in organisations in-patient addiction & psychiatric settings and private practice.

Supervised therapists working client groups including individuals, children and families.

I offer fortnightly or monthly supervision.

Parent and Child Work

Working one-to-one with parent and child in the home setting over 6 to 12 sessions.  I use an evidence based approach based on the principals of the Incredible Years programme and Forehand & Mahon (2005).

This work uses a strength-based approach to help you as parents:

  • Make long- term improvements in your children’s behaviour
  • Raise children’s self- confidence
  • Help your child to reach their full potential
  • Improve family and school relationships
  • Increase parents’ confidence
  • Help children to have a positive outlook in life
  • Improve emotional wellbeing 

Fees are discussed on a case by case basis.